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Welcome to our family run business established in the 1950’s by our late parents Alex and Agnes McDowell in the beautiful picture postcard village of Gleno.

From small beginnings the shop has grown to become one of the largest, independent rural merchants in County Antrim. Our ‘One Stop Shop’ offers an extensive range of agricultural supplies, general hardware, timber, gardening, clothing, footwear, groceries, newspapers and much, much more.

We are located beside the popular and picturesque National Trust Gleno Waterfall, near Larne, County Antrim. BT40 3LE on your sat-nav should find us.

We all look forward to meet you and welcoming you to Gleno.

Phone us on 028 28 260082 or 07850 667132

1 Waterfall Road,
County Antrim,
BT40 3LE



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They hae got it!

A tribute to the Dairyside Stores – Gleno

Do ya need a gate tae keep a baste in?
Do ya need a bowil fur hur til bake in?
They hae got it! They hae got it!

Do ya need gud mate that’s niver tough?
Ur nee a spade tae clean a sheugh?
Aw this, and every kine a stuff,
Wull, they hae got it!

Hae you oul pigs an calves tae feed?
Need a drap a spray tae kill a weed?
A tin a beans? …. A loaf a breed?
A dose a pills for yer sore heed?
Aw this, an every thin y’ll need,
They hae got it!

A left haund sprocket for thon chain saw,
A wee set a china fer the mither–in-law,
Six sausage rolls that’ll soon be hated,
An eight fut a timmer – pressure – trated.
Aye, they hae got it!

A hanel fur thon beck dour yer makin’
A pan tae fry thon big steak in,
A post tae howl thon fence that’s shakin’
A washer tae stop thon tap frae lakin’
Aw this and everythin ‘ yer sakin’
Aye, they hae got it!

Now Eggie and Jamesy blew in frae the toon,
We didney expect them tae call sae soon,
Whaw will we gee thim all fer till ate?
The lurder’s empty – a think wur bate!

Ur Wullie jumped in till ‘is four be four,
An driv stret doon tae the Dairyside store,
An just yin word was in ‘is heed,
“They’ll hae the grub fer a real big feed!”
An, sure enough … I’m standin’ here,
They hae got it!

Now, there’s nae need tae B and Q it,
Try Dairyside…..and they’ll see to it,
Stuff Tesco, Asda,
An a whole wheen more,
You’ll fine it aw at the Dairyside store.
For they hae got it!